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Re: Jacboties

In relation to clearances and such.
There must have been so much hardship faced many of those who arrived in the 
likes of early New Zealand and Australia with so little.
Many of the early New Zealand history boooks tell of disillusionment and 
dispair at arriving in the likes of Lyttleton, New Zealand after weeks at 
sea only to discover limited food, accomodation and so few people. The 
nearest town from Lyttelton was a hard trip over a hill now known as the 
Bridle Path. (At school as children we are taken there and made to walk to 
the bridle path and on a hot summery day it is still a fair walk.)
Many of these people lost their wives, their children not to mention 
separation from family and loved ones.
I imagine however that being the gallant Sinclair's that I think of they 
would have been strong men and women, who would have taken all of the 
hardships in their stride and made the very best of a bad situation.

I think Sinclair's comments were well stated.

Regards, Jenny
New Zealand

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