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Re: Jacboties

Dear Sinclair:
Sorry, but we did participate in the '15. The Fife Sinclairs under the
Master of Sinclair whose descendant is Baron St. Clair Bonde of Charlton,
were a critical part of that rebellion ("1715 " by A. & H. Taylor 1936) .  I
also understand that the Caithness folk rose for the Prince in the '45 but
too late to be of any good at Culloden.
John Prebble who is hard on the Lairds (especially the Sutherlands) who
forcibly removed their tenants  to make place for sheep, is very gentle on
Sir John Sinclair of Ulbster. I quoted that passage in an earlier discussion
on this subject and you may have missed it.
Whether or not the Sinclairs participated in the Clearances as the
Sutherlands does not matter much to the very general question raised by Dale
He appears to wish that those who might  apologize:
1: prove somehow that they really understand the enormity of the clearances.
2: promise that no money will ever be made because of such apology

I take a "gentler kinder" approach.  If a person wishes to apologize, for I
start from a place that tells me that it is not up to me to frame the
apology.  Personally, I am quite amazed that anyone would raise the issue
and yes, until I know otherwise, I would tend to give someone the benefit of
making the offer before I judged it.
Besides, how does one ensure either of 1 or 2 above.

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