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Sinclair Dates

   [1]Sinclair Dates:  October 1.
   In 1263: Battle of Largs, [2]Scots defeat Vikings. [3]King Alexander
   III of Scotland, assisted by William St. Clair, defeats King Haakon of
   Norway. Norway loses the Western Isles. Haakon dies in Orkney.
   In 1066: Battle of Hastings,
   [4]9 St.Clairs receive battle honours
   In 2016 B.C.: Era of Abraham, Beginning of Jewish calendar .
   [5]Tomorrow:  October 2.
   In 1964: Ann Louise Sinclair b., Ann Louise Sinclair born to John and
   Roslyn Sinclair, Hilston Australia.
   In 1187: Saladin, [6]retakes Jerusalem.


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