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Re: Jacboties

The only record that I found  of a Sinclair being forcibly conveyed was a
James Sinclair who
was sent to Western Australia for criminal activities, perhaps he is the
progenitor of some
Australian Sinclair. This James Sinclair was not from Caithness. Most
Sinclairs who emigrated
appear to have left Caithness voluntary.  Unlike many Chiefs ours appear to
have stayed in
Caithness and protected their clansmen. The importance of being in Caithness
was the
protection of the clan and it’s Chief. The clan system effectively ended
with the ill-conceived
uprising of '45,.Sinclairs had no part in that rising never the less the
entire structure of Highland
society with the government attitude action after Culloden changed.  Sir
John, President of the
Board of Trade, was not a Sinclair Chief.  Saying “They were Sinclair's and
they were
transported.” without references does not advance our knowledge.  If anyone
has any
references please cite them. John Q speak of a g4 father who was cleared. is
more information
available?. I am sure that Niven can shed more light on this aspect.


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