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Re: Prince Henry in the New World

It HAS lasted!   For one thing, we are talking and celebrating these ideals
in these blessed Emails!
Some say Henry's mission was 'x' and some say the mission was 'y'.  I leave
that highly speculative business to those who have done the work.
For me, the mission whatever it was, changes not a whit the thing we have
just been discussing -- the notion the two peoples, unknown to each other,
can meet in tolerance and peace.
When I travelled around the world in the late '60's, I had NO mission other
than to see what was there.
"Mission" does not a voyage make and besides, when you get "there", the
planned mission may have to be jettisoned due to circumstances unknown at
the start.
What is really important in this discussion is the person you take with you
on the voyage, ie, yourself and your attitudes and so in this respect and I
repeat, Henry's example of how to be in a new land is an outstanding one.

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