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What a Banner Year for Sinclairs

We are pleasently and profitably pooped I sense!
 But this has been some year to beat if indeed we can ever "best" this one with a world wide reunion of Sinclairs in Scotland, banner years for Clan Sinclair Canada, and Clan Sinclair USA, the new starts of Aussie land and New Zealand, the rejoining of many families genealogically speaking, lecuters and information ranging from Rosslyn to General St Clair, the mysteries of masons to the Westford knight, the voyage of Zeno repeated and the Vikings finally recognized. And place names, pictures and Sinclair clan appreciation...... wow not bad!!!!!

Hats off to all those making a differnce and to our Chief, to our pipers Rory, to our association members, to Niven and to that gentleman from Austin Texas that is the conduit for all these happenings. Hats off to John Quarterman!

Neil Sinclair
Toronto/PEI for sure and forever Argyll