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Re: St Clairs of Roanoke, Virginia/Jackson County, Missouri

Chris, The Virginia line you are looking for is very well documented by Jean 
Grigsby, among others I am sure, But Jean is the person I am most familiar 
with and she is one of the clan.  I wish I could be better organized about 
this but all that I can tell you right now is that we all descend from 
Alexander Sinkler(StClair) who came to Va. in 1696 from Glasgow.  Our 
particular line comes through Alexander's son Wayman and his son Robert who 
went to Bedford Va.  From what I understand the historical society in Bedford 
has a lot of information and there were loads of StClairs in the vicinity.  
Good luck and welcome to the family.  Charlotte Gellils, granddaughter of 
Charles P. StClair I forgot to add that Jean's books on the family line are 
listed on her web site and on the family site also.
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