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St Clairs of Roanoke, Virginia/Jackson County, Missouri

In researching St. Clairs in the Kansas City area (Jackson County, Missouri), 
I found a group in the Sniabar/Oak Grove/Blue Springs area on the eastern 
side of the county that seemed to have relocated in about 1840 or so from 
Roanoke/Bedford County area of Virginia.

It appears that there were three brothers: Joseph, Robert, and George St. 
Clair, born in 1806, '07, and 08 who moved to Missouri.

Their parents may have been George St. Clair and Elizabeth (Snodgrass) St. 
Clair of the Roanoke area.

Anyone able to give me leads on any of this group?  I know that both Robert 
and George had 8-10 children each and that the family in general was among 
the early settlers of the areas within Sniabar Township of Jackson County.  I 
would like to share/exchange information.

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