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Re: Missing and Illegitimate

In the case of my grandfather, I would find only a grave. He had to have been 
in his mid-to-late thirties in 1912. My grandparents and parents didn't start 
families until much later in life . . . and, no, I'm not saying this to make 
myself sound younger. I'm in my fifties and THRILLED to have made it this 
far. If you knew my family, you'd understand. (Joking, children. Just joking.)

The last place my grandfather was seen was in Exeter, Missouri, in 1912 (My 
mother was 9 yrs. old then.). I hear the groaning from those who have already 
heard the story so I won't repeat it. Anyway, his name was Wilbur Fisk St. 
Clair. I haven't even be able to locate a grave or death certificate.

Johnnye St. Clair-Gerhardt
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