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Sinclair Dates

   [1]Sinclair Dates:  September 13.
   In 1852: John Sinclair,
   [2]First Sinclair in Australia
   In 1847: B. Chapultepec, [3]Scott defeats Santa Anna in the decisive
   battle of the U.S.-Mexican War, commemorated in the [4]Marines' Hymn:
   [5]``From the Halls of Montezuma...''. "Dia de Los Niņos Heroes de
   Chapultepec" ("day of the boy heroes of Chapultepec). One possible
   origin of the Spanish word [6]gringo.
   [7]Tomorrow:  September 14.
   In 1847: Scott takes Mexico City, Source: ToW
   In 1752: First UK Gregorian Day,
   In 1402: Homildon Hill, Earl of Douglas invades England; defeated by


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