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Re: T.M. Sinclair--Cedar Rapids, Iowa

In a message dated 00-09-04 23:30:49 EDT, you write:

<<  Daniel and 
 Ellie both died within 2 weeks of each other during the flu epidemic in 
1918,  >>

Della --

The 1918 flu epidemic was one of the worst Biological events to strike the 

My grandfather told me that the dead were being buried in mass graves because 
 they were dying so fast that there were no caskets and the funeral homes 
were unable to handle the caseload .

There is a good chance that your Daniel died at home and was rapidly buried 
and his death not officially recorded ??

If this same strain of flu were to hit the USA today , the death toll would 
100 million or more in a very short time 

Looking at it another way , the Black Death of the Middle Ages is something 
less than 80% fatal under ideal conditions while the 1918 Flu strain is 
something more than 30% fatal !! 

The May - June issue of either Family History or Family Chronical  Magazines 
had a rather well written article on the 1918 Flu -- you may want to secure a 
copy ??


Joe Greigg
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