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I remember the list discussions regarding the " Sinclair Nose " etc . and was 
wandering if the trait mentioned in the following letter is noticed in any of 
the Sinclair groups ???

For the information of other list members , the area mentioned in located in 
the Eastern USA .

Regards , 
Joe Greigg

"""I'm trying to trace my Charles Moore, who was
born in Pennsylvania, probably somewhere near the
PA/MD/DE border.  He was born in 1859 to Thomas

But we've got a discussion going on the Moore
list. It seems like just about every Moore on the
list along routes of migration people followed
from Pennsylania, have crooked little fingers -
as does my father.  This is a genetic trait
common in the Scotch Irish, but it seems to be
hitting a group of Moore's with unusual
frequency.  It seems to predate the Revolutionary
War in teh lines in runs in, and there are too
many cases on the list for a common ancestor not
to be pretty far back. That ancestor would have
had to have been in Pennsylvania as early as
Andrew Moore was. """

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