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Glooscap translation?

Dear Mark,
    You can find Robert Wright's book "How Scotland Changed the World" on the Amazon Book site with a little write up.
He no longer lives in OR but has moved to VA.
  He has a chart in his book showing the Bruce, Sinclair, Drummond and Scrymgeour relationships.
The particular Gillascop Scrymgeour 1370-1423, that the author, Robert S. Wright, theorizes went with Prince Henry's group to Nova Scotia in 1398, was the son of Agnes Glassary and Alexander Scrymgeour.  Alexander's parents were Alexander Scrymgeour and A. Drummond the sister - in-law of King David II.  His father was Alexander Scrymgeour the first Bannerman.  So the first Bannerman was the great grandfather of Gillascop Scrymgeour the contemporary of Prince Henry.
   Gillascops maternal grandfather was Gillascop Macgilchrist.  So he has a different last name than his daughter Agness Glassry.  Maybe she was a widow??
    Also of interest in this book is a chart showing the Algonquin and ancient Basque alphabets side by side.  They are identical except for two letters.  After I read this book I read "Ancient Mines of Kitchi-Gummi" by Roger Jewell.  Then I began to understand how this language was constructed.  Haven't we often heard that "such and such a language" had no vowels.  Vowels were shown by the way the letters were oriented.  Quite ingeneous for people living 2000 BC.
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Where can one read more about Gillascop, please?
And do the Scrymgeours have a web site where can one
read more about their clan gathering?
Mark Anderson