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Re: your message

Dear Friends,

A presentation entitled 'From Eynhallow to Nova Scotia' is to be given at
the Ayre Hotel on Sunday September 3rd from 7.30-10pm as part to the Orkeny
Science Festival. The presenters will be led by Niven Sinclair assisted by
Tim Wallace-Murphy and Marilyn Hopkins and will deal with the the
pre-Columbian voyages of Earl Henry St Clair of Orkney to America which took
place between 1395 and 1400.

On the Monday Eveneing at the Albert Hotel a debate will take place on the
dating of the Turin Shroud. The proposition 'That this house believs that
the Shroud of Turin is a Medieval artifact' will be led by Dr. Robert Lomas
and seconded by Chris Knight. The opposing view will be given by Dr. Tim
Wallace-Murphy and Marilyn Hopkins.

After these events, Niven, Tim and Marilyn will be flying to Halifax to take
part in the celebration of Laura's arrival.

Best wishes


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