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In the footsteps of George Sinclair, 1612

A brief report from Otta.

Donald & Mary Sinclair, their friends Einar and Reidunn Hveen, Chris Maile, 
and the Lairds were taken yesterday by Inge Leif and Eldbjørg Larsen with 
Else Larsen, Syver Bakken and Randi Haugsjord to George Sinclair's grave at 
Kvam.  Else had brought white and blue flowers to represent the colours of 
the Saltire, which were laid by Sarah, and a laminated note with the Clan 
Crest "In Memory of George Sinclair and those of Clan Sinclair and other 
Scots killed at the Battle of Kringen, 26th August 1612, or afterwards, 
nearby in Kvam."  Chris played the Flowers of the Forest  we stood in 
silent tribute.  We then went to the battle site at Kringen and Chris 
played MacCrimmon's Lament, for all Scots who go to war and do not 
return.  It was deeply moving.

We returned to the village of Otta and joined in the celebrations that 
culminated with Otta being rededicated as a town, having fullfilled the 
Norwegian requirements to do so.  Photos will start to appear from tomorrow 

Yours aye

Iain , Annabel and Sarah in the Town of Otta, Sel Kommune, Norway


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