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I was asked to write an article for the "Rennes Observer" about Rosslyn and penned the
attached piece which is really a re-hash of something which I had previously written and
which you may have see already:


                        For those who have the eye to perceive, the spirit to explore and the heart to enjoy

Earl William Sinclair, the founder and the supreme architect of Rosslyn Chapel, understood the oneness of
Nature and  God and unless we, too, understand this unity of spirit and being we will have missed the essential purpose and meaning of God’s creation.

Somehow, Earl William Sinclair knew that which scientists have only recently discovered* i.e. that our own DNA is similar to that of all living things.  The spiralling helix of the Apprentice pillar is a pointer to
that understanding…..just as it , on another but related level, represents  the Ydddrasil, the Nordic Tree of
Life.  The Life Force.

Indeed, everywhere one looks within the Chapel, one finds evidence of the scale of his thinking and his ability to transfer that into a design which has been described as a ‘symphony in stone’.  In reality, it is a
‘story in stone’ and it is that story which we are trying to unravel so that we might return to “The Path of
Learning” from which Mankind has strayed with such catastrophic results for the Planet on which we live.

Earl William built his Chapel at a time when books could be banned or burned so he chiselled out his message in stone so that we would eventually understand that there had to be a balance between Man’s
physical and spiritual needs.  He knew that Man was essentially a spiritual being having a physical experience rather than the other way about.  He also knew that there had been far too much talk about the
Father on High and far too little thought given to Mother Earth from which all bounty flows.  To him, every
leaf was a word of God and, if there was any sacrilege, it was in the desecration of Mother Earth by Man.

It has fallen to us to restore Earl William’s vision by bringing the Chapel, the Castle and the Glen into a
blissful fusion of Man’s creative genius with the magic of the living World.  

We hope to be worthy of that mission.

Niven Sinclair

·       *Paradoxically  (but perhaps unsurprisingly) this discovery was made at the Animal Research Centre at
  Rosslyn, the home of