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RE: Can any of you Canadians add anything?

At 10:04 16/08/00 +1000, you wrote:
>Thankyou for picking-up this thread.
>The information that Dave provided was in relation to enquiries I made with
>him off the POS list.
>And I am please that he decided to copy the POS-list with his response, his
>information is very interesting.
>Sometimes a small ripple can carry a long way.  We will continue to follow
>it further and see where it leads.
>John you might have seen the two items I posted arguing that Henry Sinclair
>most likely (I am 95% convinced) went to the New World, under the heading
>Facts/Fiction.  Interesting that those that argued that there was
>insufficient evidence have not replied to my last posting of 4 days ago.  I
>include it below for the Sinclair group, Niven I am fighting the good fight,
>but I am losing patience with some people who go to enormous lengths to
>defend the indefensible.
>Lastly, I gave the presentation on Prince Henry Sinclair to my Lodge
>(Chelsea 346 UGLV) last Thursday night and it was wonderfully received.
>In their own words my brother masons basically said, "We didn't know about
>all this", and "It gives more meaning to a lot of things",
>A number of them are members of the masonic Knights Templar and asked that I
>consider joining them.
>This I hope to do when current priorities with my time have been dealt with.
>To all on the Clan Sinclair Discussion group; Thank You for providing your
>wonderful support.
>As Niven, once said, let the younger ones spread the word!
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> > Came across this posting on another list. Can any of you Canadians add
> > anything
> > ?. I had not come across the cross of Lorraine story before.
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> > regards
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> > John
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>To All,
>After reading the comments of those people that deny Prince Henry journeyed
>to the New World, I will make the following points.
>If the case was based on a small number of sources for evidence, then we
>could pick them apart and still be left doubting.
>However, when we have considerable sources of evidence, we should see a
>pattern emerge and come to the conclusion that he went.
>On balance, the evidence for denying it took place has been flimsy and more
>supposing is required to de-bunk the Zeno account and map than prove its
>true vaue.
>To make your case you would have to believe;
>that the Zeno map was a forgery
>That young Antonio who found the account in the family archives was lying
>about when and how he found it.
>the Zeno Account was a forgery
>That the Council of Venice who endorsed it were lying
>That Venice recognises the Zeno trip to this day in error through their
>That Prince Henry disappeared somewhere else with his entire fleet, leaving
>his kingdom vulnerable to attack for over one year in 1398.
>That each one of the remains and relics in the New World have nothing to do
>with them but someone else who came to the New World
>That the Westford Knight which depicts the Clan Gunn shield, is merely
>coincidence, and was chissled by someone else to depict someone else in
>medieval armour?
>That the Newport Tower which is built in similiar fashion to one at Bressay
>and Ophir; which Prince Henry knew intimately, is built by someone unknown
>at a later time.
>That the Mic Mac indians learned their legend of Glooscap from someone else
>that fits Prince Henry' description
>That the Mic Mac indians have a philosphy, belief in a supreme being and
>symbols that are recognised in freemasonry as identified by them in the 1997
>Clan Sinclair symposium, is just one of those coincidences.
>That Rosslyn Chapel was built depicting carvings of Aloe and Cactus from
>1440 to 1484, when internal decorations were completed,
>again coincidence, and it was not actually depicting this at all?  Even
>though, Columbus set sail on the Ocean Blue in 1492 and got to the New World
>Disagree with some of the points if you will, but you have to stretch things
>a bit to debunk all of it and demonstrate he did not make it.
>Prince Henry would have known of the New World through his family stories,
>his Norse background (his mother) and the telling of the Norse sagas of Eric
>the Red and Lief Ericson and the other guy (Paul Knuttson ?? - I cannot
>Henry was not discovering in 1398, but re-discovering or rushing out to the
>New World to do something important and get back ASAP.  It cost him his
>life, Niccolo lost his life from Arctic exposure, Gunn died and the men on 5
>ships were lost making it across the atlantic.  With so much at stake I
>doubt that it would have been turned into a nifty fabrication for the
>Venetians, Antonio and Niccolo Zeno served under Prince Henry, wrote the
>account and crafted the map.

An excellent summary which is expanded on in my film "Beyond Any Shadow of 
Doubt" and
in my 'book' of the same name.

I have again been invited to the Orkney Science Festival this year when I 
will  be advancing
the case for Prince Henry Sinclair's voyage to the New World in 1398.

Since my last visit to Orkney the Kirkwall Scroll has been carbon dated 
(15th Century); the Mi'kmaq
representatives identified the symbolism on the scroll with their own 
symbolism for (a) Creation and
(b) their Seven Nations.

I may be guilty of lateral thinking but is it purely coincidence that 
masons wear an 'apron' and our
Scottish Clan chiefs wear 'feathers' in their Balmorals to indicate 
chieftainship.  Cultural diffusion
between the Old World and the New World (which is every bit as old as the 
Old World) has been
going on for thousands of years as can be gathered from the Mi'kmaq 
hieroglyphics which are
practically identical with those of ancient Egypt.

Our failure to accept the obvious is born from arrogance and ignorance 
(which are simply different
degrees of the same thing) and a blatant disregard for the ability of the 
indigenous people of the
World from whom we have much to learn.

Henry's voyage was not unusual.  His Viking forebears had been making the 
journey for Centuries
and, before them, the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Celts and, in the 
opposite direction, the
Inuits who were building boats capable of holding 40 people.

Further South the Ghanaian Chiefs were voyaging to South America hundreds 
of years before
Columbus and the Chinese had already discovered "The Land of the Fusang 
Tree" and traversed
the American Continent from the Pacific to the Atlantic.   This is well 
documented.  China has
the oldest written history in the World.

I will be flying to Nova Scotia on 7th September to meet Laura Zolo as she 
completes her voyage
in the wake of Prince Henry Sinclair's voyage of 1398.  She has given 
'physical expression' to that
which the rest of us talk about.  Her voyage from Venice through the 
Mediterranean (where she
researched the ports used by the Templars) and in to the English Channel 
(where she again did
a lot of research) before heading for England, Orkney (where I again met 
her), Shetland, the Faeroes,
Iceland, and Greenland.  Her small yacht "The 7 Roses" would fit into my 
kitchen and, yet, she
has faced Atlantic gales with courage, conviction and a strong sense of 
history.  No wonder she
has the backing of Venice, the Italian Navy, the Clan Sinclair and the 
PrInce Henry Sinclair Society
of America.

This young and beautiful Italian lady has set us all an example.  Actions 
always speak louder than

She will receive a well-deserved Civic Reception in Nova Scotia and be 
given the same warm welcome
by the Mi'kmaq people that they extended to Prince Henry Sinclair over 600 
years ago.

Our Chief, the Earl of Caithness, will be presenting the Grand Chief with a 
"Sword of Peace"
(on which the word 'peace' is written in 205 languages and which contains 
the same Mi'kmaq symbols as
those which appear on the Kirkwall Scroll) in recognition of the welcome 
they gave to Prince Henry Sinclair
and also the welcome which they have continued to give to successive waves 
of Scottish immigrants over
the Centuries.

The sword has always been seen as a symbol of chivalry.  This specially 
inscribed "Sword of Peace" has been
made by the finest sword-makers in the World and will, we hope, be a 
belated recognisation of the part which
the Mi'kmaq  played in bringing Henry's voyage to a successful conclusion.

Prince Henry will eventually be given his rightful place in history.  In 
that history the Mi'kmaq people have a
an equal part.

Niven Sinclair

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