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Newbie to the list, my info, any relatives out there?

Hello! I just happened upon your site, and it's great!

According to my Dad, (Harry George St.Clair), who went through courthouse
records or something, we are directly descended from one of Gen. Arthur
St.Clair's sons. (I'm not sure which one, I'll have to ask Dad.)  My Dad's
Dad's name was also Harry E. St.Clair, and his father's name was Walter J.
Walter St.Clair Son Roofing in St.Bernard, Ohio, which is a suburb of
Cincinnati.  Harry E. had six sons and two daughters, Harry G. four
daughters.  All Harry E.'s sons and daughters have children now.

I'll post more information when my dad can uncover his research--are there
any relatives out there with what little I can provide?

Jennifer St.Clair Bush

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