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Re: Gathering, children and Scharlatina

Dear Lena,  Thanks for the warning!  My daughter Gwen and I just started
antibiotics today because of those symptoms--fever, sore throat, rash, etc.
 The diagnosis will help our doctors, for sure.
	Yes, the Gathering was wonderful--far exceeding our expectations in every
way. The tour was brilliantly organized, and the welcome could not have
been warmer. The magnificent scenery in Caithness came as a surprise, and
the many projects in the works are exciting and seem to be well led.  You
can be sure lots more Sinclairs will be hearing about it.
	It gave me some new threads  to unravel in locating the time when the
Sinclairs were under proscription because of being declared rebels--(That's
when my ancestor and his brother were smuggled out of Scotland in order to
save their lives), and excitingly enough--the dates fit...Lots more
detective work to do!
	Best wishes to you all, and a speedy recovery for Emma!  
		Sincerely, Kay Garrison
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