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Sinclair Dates

   [1]Sinclair Dates:  August 3.
   In 1589: Henry IV of Navarre, Bourbon King of France
   In 1553: Mary I, crowned Queen of England.
   In 1460: James II takes Roxburgh, is killed. Source: ToW.
   [2]Tomorrow:  August 4.
   In 1950: Korean War,
   In 1901: Louis Armstrong b., He loved the idea of America so much he
   insisted he was born on the 4th of July. He shattered traditional Jazz
   trumpet and although called an "Uncle Tom", this son of a prostitute
   quietly and effectively broke down the colour barriers in America. He
   was the first black entertainer to hold wide appeal to white
   audiences. In the late 50s after breaking loose from the gangsters
   that managed his career, notably Joe Glaser. He spoke out against
   racism, swore by Marijuana and Swiss Krissy, his own patent laxative.
   He was an innocent who had emerged as a commanding figure in the
   history of music and the stomping out of racism.
   In 1900: Queen Mother b., The future Queen Mother Elizabeth, currently
   residing in the [4]Castle of Mey, [5]is born.
   In 1699: Caledonia at NY, The Caledonia reaches New York.
   In 1460: James III,
   [6]King of Scots
   In 1265: Battle of Evesham,


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