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Re: sinclair-digest V2 #213

Subj: Templar Grailstone Dynamic


You asked: "The historian  (ie Andrew Sinclair) was responsible for finding
the first Grail tombstone at Rosslyn Chapel, near Edinburgh, and has since
spent 10 years in his quest for the Holy Grail. This led him to discover a
dozen more Templar Grailstones in Scotland and northern France< Can anyone
give information on "Templar Grailstones" ?

(Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000 10:29:52 +0000: From: John Duguid
<john.duguid@snl.co.uk> Subject: From today's John O' Groats Journal;...)

I don't know what Andrew found, but my guess is that the sacred geometric
expression of the "Templar Grailstone" would be found in the Bethlehem Angle
triangle and its specific vesica piesces. The apex of this triangle would be
the "Resh" or Chief Head Stone (Ps 118:18-24) that became the "Corner"
("L"). Resh, #200, is a Hebrew letter originally drawn as a head; Yeshu,
Messiah, is corelated with it (1 Peter 2:4-10); so are all humans. This
subject moves into spiritual dynamics which is beyond the mandate of this
list; if you wish to know more, mail me direct.

The angle derives from the same in the Great Pyramids' two ascension
passageways, both using it. The name is from the same angle (relative to the
latitude parallel) from Gizeh to Bethlehem. This geometry has Bethlehem as
the Resh apex or "Grail Stone." The Templars used the geometric dynamic
extensively but in those days this information would have been secret; you
won't find many if any historical references.

An example would be found in the original Christian chapel in GB: St. Mary's
Chapel (formerly St. Joseph's Chapel) in the Glastonbury Abbey ruin) ie the
"Lady Chapel" or crypt. Crypt dynamics (the subject not discussed here) has
the vault using the grail vesica and also in the altar's flat horizontal
plane relative to a crucifix carving in the East Wall next to the altar, as
the apex.

I believe that another example would be found in the Clan Sinclair engrailed
cross, the vesica ("Grail") using the BA triangle. There are other examples
found in temple and earth grid formats but in all of them this triangle is
basic to all others. In both Rosslyn and Chartres it is used in the same way
and is on the temples' main axes as their "Chief Head Stone that becomes the
Corner" (nonphysical).

As far as what the "Grail" is all about, there is a multiple level harmonic
of definitions ...one for every person... and then how the definition
interfaces with the "Living Stone" situation can be discussed one to one at
my address. If you wish to pursue the subject please first check out the two
references above. If you wish something analyzed, head stones for example,
I'd need the exact duplication sent as a graphic.


Bill Buehler

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