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Friends and Family Photo Album

Dear All,
It sounds like the gathering has been a wonderful success and may I respectfully pass on my congratulations to all the people responsible for organising it.
At the last minute I was over-loaded with work and was disappointed not to make the gathering for at least a few days. It would have been nice to meet all the people who write on the list ... to put names to faces and voices to the words that I read each night.
With this in mind, I put a Friends and Family Photo Album on the Nosshead Window website. I hope that people will send me a photo or two to publish on the web so that we will all have a face to put with the names on the e-mail messages we receive each day.
If you have a picture of yourself, your children, your friends, anyone or anything else that you would like to share with others on the list, I will be happy to publish them. These may have been taken at Nosshead or anywhere in the world. If you can send me a scanned or digital pictures, it will speed up my work. Please send them to photos@girnigoe.co.uk Otherwise, ordinary printed photos can be sent by ordinary post to me at Nosshead Lighthouse, Wick, Caithness, Scotland, UK. Please don't send me any prized and irreplaceable pictures, however I will try to return your photos immediately.
In addition, if you have any interesting photos of the Clansinclair Study Centre or the Castles that could go on the Nosshead pages and improve the website, then I would be very pleased to receive them. 
The Sinclair clan is a family that is spread across the world. This week it has come together in grand style and on a large scale. The pictures that we take and share with others, may bring the clan together in a much less auspicious way but one that will last us for years to come. The Friends and Family Pages can found on the Nosshead Window Home Page http://www.clansinclair.co.uk or you can go direct to http://members.tripod.co.uk/Girnigoe/family.htm
I hope that you will think this a good idea and support the photo album with your pictures. I shall look forward to hearing from you.
Best Wishes,
David Sinclair-Sherratt