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The Secret Scroll

>From today's John O' Groats Journal;

Film focuses on the 'Secret Scroll'

A special film revealing links between the Knights Templar, Freemasons and 
the Sinclair clan, with particular reference to a mysterious 15ft scroll 
hanging in Kirkwall Masonic Lodge was screened in London this week. The Earl 
of Caithness introduced the film by leading historian Andrew Sinclair at the 
British Film and Television Academy premises in Piccadilly on Tuesday. Andrew 
Sinclair claims that his discovery of the scroll in Orkney will demand that 
medieval Scots history is rewritten. The historian was responsible for 
finding the first Grail tombstone at Rosslyn Chapel, near Edinburgh, and has 
since spent 10 years in his quest for the Holy Grail. This led him to 
discover a dozen more Templar Grailstones in Scotland and northern France. He 
has also written of the link between the Sinclairs of St Clairs of Rosslyn, 
who were earls of Orkney when Rosslyn Chapel was built, and the Grail myth. 
It was while in Orkney for a conference that Mr Sinclair was allowed to view 
the scroll hanging in Kirkwall Masonic Lodge. Mr Sinclair was astonished by 
the discovery which he says shows Templar charts depicting important biblical 
journeys to the Holy land, battles, seiges, symbols of Gnostic heresy and 
dozens of ancient Templar and Masonic signs.

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