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gathering 2000

Dear All,
It's a bit dull being out of the Gathering just now and I feel it too. I was due to go Edinburgh for the festivies but I decided on balance that I could stay in Elgin and pack to move house to Aberlour next week (after all I can Edinburgh any time really). Well I haven't done much on the packing front but my thoughts go to Edinburgh tonight and the tattoo but I don't mind. I had hoped that Malcolm would send some photos over the internet to post on clansinclair.org, but I believe he's being run ragged just now by the whole thing and I sympathize with him.
I'm off to Noss head tomorrow and I promise I'll post some photos to the web site for those who remain furth of Scotland and I'll drop a note to the list to say when they're up.
For those who can't come this year for  whatever reason, do not be too despondent: I very much suspect that Sinclair Bay Trading Co. will pick up on the demand this year and offer a package every year, although perhaps not on the same scale!!
Cheers :-)