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Re: Prince Henry

Dear Phil,
    The position that Henry held was jarl of Orkney.  This was the premier
jarl position under the Norwegian monarchy.  As jarl of Orkney he was
entitled to mint his own money and do other things that were reserved for a
prince in any other country.  Thus one could say that he was a Prince of
Norway in regard to the power that he held.  He was entitled to this
position by virtue of his mother's father, Malise II, having no male
offspring.  Henry received the jarlship 35 years after Malise's death
because the King Hakon VI was suspicious about Henry's true allegiance.
Would he take Orkney for Scotland or would he be a good administrator for
See list of Earls of Orkney:  www.clansinclairusa.org/7all_orkney.htm
  It is thought that it was probably youthful Henry that met the Venetian
Admiral Carlo Zeno in 1365.   Carlo Zeno mentions meeting with a "Scottish
Prince" in the Holy Land and then going on to join King Peter I of Cyprus's
Crusade. Henry St. Clair from Rosslyn Castle, Scotland went on this Crusade
which briefly captured Alexandria. The Venetians provide 200 ships for this
invasion.  It was probably during this time that Henry observed the Arsenale
in Venice as it produced ships at the amazing rate of one per day.
more on this at  www.clansinclairusa.org/ev_re_zen_his.htm

   If this was our Henry, he was recognized as a Scot and as a Prince.  He
would have been 20 years old then and ready to join his ancestors in the
trip to the Holy Land and then, as his father and so many St. Clairs before
had done, join a Crusade.  It is possible that Carlo Zeno had met him in
Denmark just 3 years before when Henry attended the  marriage of King Haakon
VI of Norway and Sweden to Princess Margareta, daughter of King Waldemar of
Denmark in Copenhagen. Henry, aged 17, was Scotland's ambassador, after all
he spoke at least, Norwegian/ Danish, and French, besides Celtic-Scots and
was related to King Robert II. Also he unsuccessfully lobbied for his
confirmation to the Earldom of Orkney, claimed through his mother, Princess
Isabella, daughter of Jarl Malisse II of Orkney and gr.granddaughter of
Norway's king Magnus V. Soon after this, "a marriage was concluded" between
Henry and young Florentia, princess of Denmark. He either became the Duke of
Oldenburg in Denmark at that time or else it came as part of his mother's
dowry. Florentia died without issue.  Henry then married Janet Halyburton in
Scotland.  Henry must have been held in high esteme to have been able to
marry Princess Florentia.
   Henry was also the Grand Master of the Scottish Templar/Masons and maybe
benefited from their treasury to fit himself out in a Princely manner as
part of his lobbying for the Earldom.  Just speculation.  But it certainly
must have added to his prestige.

Subject: Prince Henry

> Hello all
> On raising a question on another newsgroup regarding Prince Henry of
> Orkney,one of the answers not relating to my question was that he was not
> prince,can any one here clear this up for me.
> Thanks for any help.
> Phil

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