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Zola update

Dear Cousins,
> D'Elayne Coleman, Pres. of PHSSNA (Prince Henry Sinclair Society of North
> America) tells me that Laura Zolo was detained in Iceland by bad
> weather but now has left for Greenland  on 25th. of July.  They are in
with each other.
She was originally expected to arrive in Guysborough, NS around  the middle
of August.

>    Many of you were disappointed when you missed hearing Niven's lecture
> MA.  Perhaps now that you are forewarned, some of you might be able to
> attend the anticipated festivities for Laura when she arrives.  But all of
> this has to be contingent upon the weather.   D'Elayne or others will keep
> us informed the best they can but probably no date can be set for certain
> until Laura has landed there.  D'Elayne says that a group is flying up
> Arizona to witness the events.
> As ever,
> Laurel

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