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New Member Intro

Hello to all:

  As a New member I felt it only polite to give myself a short

  My name is Ramona Hartley, From BC Canada.  My primary interest in the
Sinclair list is geneology although I am keenly interested in anything
"Sinclair".  I would describe myself as being genologically -wet behind the
ears- escpecially in conection with my Sinclair interests ..I confess to
ignorance at the start and ask for patience.   

Geneology is fairly new to me due to the fact that I am an adopted
child..this is also the reason behind my obsessiveness to trace my lineage,
also I have found I enjoy it quite a lot *S*.  Since meeting my Birth
Mother I have traced my Lineage through my Grandmothers Norwegian roots to
the year 1400  and have just begun to trace my Grandfathers Scotts roots. 
This side of my Family tree is a great Joy to me as I was raised by a
Scotts family and brought up with Scotts traditions  ( Oh yes I've eaten my
share of Haggis...and admit to liking it).

I Suppose I should list my name intrests...the "what I have so far" part. 
I will begin with my grandfather : a McCallum and go from there to my
Sinclair Conections.

Walter Alexander McCallum b. 1816 Alberta Canada
John Wilson McCallum b. 1894  Orkney
m. Rachel Worsfold b. London, England

Parents of :John Wilson McCallum
Alexander Walker McCallum b. 1856 Cambusnethan , Lanark  (He was employed
as Headmaster in Kirbister School house, Orphir Orkney.
m. Catherine Drever Sinclair b.1759 Sanday Orkney

Now the Sinclairs:

Parents or Catherine Drever Sinclair
Peter Sinclair b. 1830 Cleat farm . Sanday Orkney
m. Catherine Calder b. 1832 Dunnet, Caithness ( Catherines parents were
Willilam Calder & Isobel Sinclair of Dunnet Caithness)

Parents of Peter Sinclair:
James Sinclair b. 1787 Sanday, Orkney
m. Catherine Drever b. abt 1787  ( They were married at Kirkwall & St. Ola)

Parents of James Sinclair
Richard Sinclair b abt 1751
m. Barbera Drever  ( I have no more information on Richard & Barbera)

I have extensive information on the children & families of the names above
that I would be happy to share if I hit a match with anyone.

A little question on behalf of my Husband.  He is an avid old time strength
trainer with a keen interest in Lifting stones..particularly the "clach
cuid fir" or manhood stones of Scotland anyone with information on the
whereabouts of these stones would be greatly aiding me towards a trip to

I hope I have not broken any codes of conduct in this post, be sure to
inform  if I did.


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