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Old English interpreter required!!

I received this e-mail from another list I belong to, is there anyone who
can help out?

From: Bruce Glass [mailto:Bruce.Glass@xtra.co.nz] 

Hi Listers, I am looking for someone who can read old english writing. I
have two Wills 1622 & 1626 which I can partially read but am unable to
interpret the important parts. If there is anyone out there who is expert in
this field I could send copies of these Wills as attachments
to an E-Mail. Please respond to the above e-mail, off-list, advising what
format you require the files to be in. I can send them as jpeg or tiff or
any other format.

Your Aye,

Peter Sinclair
Health, Safety & Training Services Pty Ltd
Barrow Island 6712
Western Australia
Tel: 61 08 9184 3773
Fax:61 08 9184 3639

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