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Lauchlan and Sally Sinclair

Hello Gang,

I have recently found a little more info and added an another grandparents to 
my line.  Their names is Lauchlan and Sally (Sarah McIntyre) Sinclair.  I 
have found a book at a Genealogy Library in Ft. Wayne, IN  called "The 
Heritage of Lobo" 1820-1990   published by Lobo Township Heritage Group... 
Printed in Canada.     

They came from Carriebuie (Coirebuide?), Argyleshire, Scotland on the western 
shore of Loch Awe.   They have 4 boys: Lachlan, a shepherd, who died in 
Scotland, John, Peter, and Duncan, and four girls: Mary, Nancy, Sara, and 
Catherine all of whom emigrated to Canada.        In the year 1819, John 
Sinclair (b. 1791 d. 1826)  (my 4th g grandfather) and his sister, Sara came 
to Canada.   Sara remained at Ancaster and John located on his homestead, Lot 
6 Con. 6 Lobo, Ontario, Canada and the next year the whole family came .... 
thus therefore the settlement of the family landing  in Canada in the year 

I have an old invitation (80 yrs old)  that has been passed down to us...   
it said:

Centennial Celebration
of the landing in Canada of 
Lauchlin and Sally Sinclair
will be held on the farm upon which they 
originally settled
Lot 24, Concession 7, Caradoc
Thursday, July 1st, 1920
Commencing at 9 o'clock am
You are cordially invited to be present

RSVP              Morrison Sinclair, Komoka, Ont.
                  Secretary of Committee

Now....... is there any descendants of Morrison Sinclair (b. 1896 and he 
married Fern Branton in 1933) in this list??   He organized the reunion in 
1920 and I'm interested to find if there are any descendants of any of the 
children above.  I see in my papers that he has two children, Helen married 
Micheal Ruggeri and lived in Rhode Island, and Lorna married Bruce Bycraft of 

My cousin, Vance Kennedy (from Michigan) had told us that he used to go to 
Canada to visit the family every year for the  reunion until for some reason 
it stopped.    I'm interested in finding more ancestors further than Lauchlan 
and Sally (Sarah McIntyre) Sinclair.  Does anyone have any information on 
this particular family line??   I really appreciated this.   Thanks.

Kozy Tennant
Lexington, South Carolina
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