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Re: Books - observations on your comments

Further to Neil's comments re. Academic Historians.

The list of hard archeologicalproof of pre-Columbian voyages to America is
almost endless. Just for starters it includes the following - all of which
have been ignored as 'inconvenient';

A Roman terra-cotta head, positively identidied as to date and place of
manufacture, discovered in Mexico beneath a concrete floor dated to the
eleventh century. This find was made by a Professor of archeology from
Mexico City on an official dig and properly recorded. Yet no comments have
been made as to how it got there four or five hundred years, at least,
before Columbus.

Roman Amphorae, dated between 200 BC and 250 AD, manufactured in North
Africa, discovered in Roman shipwrecks of the coast of Brazil and also New
England. Recorded but ignored as they are regarded as too difficult to
explain in the context of 'modern academic theory' in the US and too
embarrassing for the memory of the discoverer of Brazil in that instance.

A large variety of viking artifacts, axes, etc discovered in New England,
Nova Scotia and elswhere- simplyignored.

The Kensington Stone, Now regarded as authentic by many academics, but still
rubbished by the majority.

The Newport Tower, to which there are seven or eight archival or
cartographical references which pre-date the colonial settlment of new
England, yet this is still held to be the creation of Benedict Arnold, the
first Governor.-Such nonsense tells me a lot about prejudice among the
higher echelons of academic histporians in North America.

They alll need to remeber an aphorism that Marilyn and I cling to like glue:

    "There is a principle,
      which is a barrier
     against all knowledge
    which, when applied
    is bound to keep mankind
    in everlasting ignorance
    - that principle is contempt
    prior to investigation.

Sadly, ignoring inconveient archaeological artifacts or archival references
that go against cureent theory is not restricted to North America. This type
of nonsense, posing as science of course, occurs in Egyptology and in other
areas of the Near East - but in America some academics have developed it
into a pervers artform.

Best wishes


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