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Re: Greetings from Caithness

Dear all

Greetings from the sunny north of Scotland. Let us hope it stays like this
for the Gathering in three week's time.All the arrangements are working out
well and we have a 'final' meeting tonight. The information on the
clansinclair.org website will then be updated.

I have just returned from a visit to Girnigoe and the works that Ian has
done to improve the access are working well. The study centre is almost
ready and Ian and Ron Sinclair are painting there as I write.

I hope you all had a good Canada day that 4th July is equally happy for our
American cousins. Again there are Sinclairs on both sides! While I am here,
Berrie is with Alice Miller and her family at Lake Tahoe. e will be back in
good time for the Gathering and it will be great to have him home again
after his travels.

Looking forward to seeing so many of you on  25th.

Best wishes

Malcolm Caithness
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