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Hello to all List members :

Can anyone tell me if there is a comprehensive list of all the castles 
associated with, held or built by the various Sinclairs and in what countries 
( locations ) they are found??

Also , the Titles ( Count , Baron , Earl , etc. ) that went with the holder 
or Lord of the particular castle ???

This question was prompted by Niven's recent answers to queries concerning 
two Sinclair branches .

It seems to me that those castles and their history would comprise a 
fascinating trip agenda or add a significantly opportunity to expand the 
destinations of a business trip or vacation and thereby add to one's 
understanding of our shared heritage ?? 

I seem to recall that about 80%+ of all castles were built by the Normans .

This could also be a topic added to the website(s) ??

Thank you .

Joe Greigg
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