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Whenever my daughters competed in sports events around the country and met 
other girls from all over, they always traded pins and other things.  The 
'stuff' represented where they were from and that they were proud of their 
home town, state, country.  They have collected pins from all over the 
country, Asia, Central America, Europe and the Caribbean (sic).  I always 
thought it was a sign of friendship and good will and can't think of many 
better ways for my tax money to be spent.  (Although we usually begged stuff 
from local corporations as well.  Anheuser Busch and the St. Louis Cardinal 
baseball team were always generous.  The local convention center usually 
helped.  These are suggestions for alternative sources.  Although I guess 
those pins drove up the cost of beer and baseball tickets for the consumer as 
well.)  I think exchanging pins with clan members from around the world is a 
great idea.  I'm jealous.

Constance Sinclair from Missouri (USA)
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