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#2 New web info

Forgot to tell you:
When looking at the articles by Pete Cummings, please everybody look at the
one called "First Arrivals".  It has a list of 85 Sinclairs and spouses that
were known to Pete as of 1994.  Surely by now some of this needs updating,
correcting or adding to.  Contact me with your knowledge.

Secondly, all of you please look at "John Sinclair/Sinckler of Exeter,
Immigrant".  Now many of you may not be descended from him but maybe you can
see where your ancestor connects into this line that is shown, soon
connecting to the Earls of Caithness, and extending back to 610 in maybe
middle Sweden.

I have just added to the list about **New and ongoing research** the

New book this year: "Histoire de la Famille de Courcy" by Philippe Champy
has a chapter on
        "La Famille de Saint Clair".  New information taken from land
records reveals family relationships that have surprised this French

This new information is the reason that we are looking at the line up of
people in Normandy.  It may be changing.


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