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New to Clan USA website

OK, I have a few projects in good enough shape to tell you about.  All of
this can be found at www.clansinclairusa.org     choose "HISTORY"

These links are very obvious if you just look at the index especially the
middle "EVENTS & Places" column

1.  The Laura Zola messages are collected there.  I have made bold the
important points in her messages, Red for mention of Templar items, and blue
italics for Viking info

1a.   Vikings link from Reenactments

2.  I have listed all the articles that I know about that were  written by
former USA Clan Genealogist, H. S. "Pete" Cummings, Jr.  Some are only
available through Clan USA membership but others you can read right there on
the web.  I have attempted to update or add to these articles since new
information has come in.  A good example of this is the Note at the bottom
of the Micmac article.  Be sure to read all these articles to learn or
refresh your memories on Prince Henry Sinclair.  I may be receiving more of
his information soon but you can get started on these.  You can get to them
in the second column under both Prince Henry Sinclair and Writings of Pete

3.  I have added a new link in the third column "Events & Places"  called "
**New Ongoing Projects and Research**"  that summarizes some of the exciting
research and new data that is coming in presently.   There probably is more.
If you can think of more to add let me know.

I'm going to say again, and it won't be the last time-- Don't forget that a
membership in the Clan Sinclair in whatever country you are in, is a good
birthday or Christmas present.   Also everyone should have read for a good
basic understanding of the St. Clair/Sinclair history, "The Sword and the
Grail" by Andrew Sinclair and "Prince Henry's Voyage to North America" by
Frederick Pohl.  Again good presents.


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