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Re: Christopher Columbus

Some interesting books about Chris and the mindset of the European world in 
the late 15th century are:

De Vorsey, Louis.  Keys to the Encounter:  A Library of Congress Resource 
Guide for the Study of the Age of Discovery.  

Bedini, Silvio A.  The Christopher Columbus Encyclopedia.  

William D. Phillips and Carla Rahn Phillips.  The Worlds of Christopher 

I know there are lots more but these are scholarly studies of the subject.  
Parts are very interesting.  Much of it is boring.  Like reading Columbus' 
logs.  Dead reckoning is a very boring, and somewhat inaccurate, method of 
navigation.  I guess it is a wonder that old Chris hit anything, instead of 
sailing off the edge of the world :)

He was an interesting character, and passionate about his theories.  He would 
have fared much better had he employed a business manager!

Happy reading.

Constance Sinclair in Missouri (USA)
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