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The Zeno Project

As you will see from Laura's recent report, she is now in Shetland preparing for the
next stage of her voyage which will be to the Faeroes.

Although the Viking boat left on the evening of her arrival, it is obvious that they are
going to meet at a later stage of the voyage which will be helpful for publicity purposes.

Laura received excellent news coverage in the Press and on Orkney Radio.  The BBC
television covered her departure from Kirkwall when she was escorted by a flotilla of local yachts.

And, since my return to London, I have ben approached by two television producers who
are anxious to make a 50 minute documentary on Prince Henry Sinclair for the Channel 4
series "Secrets from the Past".

I was also telephoned by a Hugo de Pagano who is a direct descendant of Hughes de
Payen* who married a Catherine Sinclair.  Hughes founded the Knights Templar in 1118.
(* Payen was the name of the area in which he was born but Pagan was his family name.
This was changed to Pagano when the family moved to Italy where they formed part of
the 'white' aristocrats in the South of that country).

I invited him to talk to Dr Tim Wallace-Murphy who has now informed me that Hugo de
Pagano has  confirmed the belief that there was a group of inter-connected families in
Europe who held sway and who effectively controlled Western Europe.  The Sinclairs were
foremost in this Group.  This is all explained in Tim's recent book "Rex Deus" which is
published by Element Books in Boston.

We live in exciting times.  Every day brings in a new 'discovery'  as we persevere to ensure
that Prince Henry Sinclair gets his rightful place in history.  Laura's intrepid voyage (in her
tiny yacht) is giving "physical and feminine expression" to something which we have all
talked about for ages but which has taken the drive and determination of a young and
beautiful Italian senorita to enact.  Shame on us!  The least we can do is to give her the
welcome she deserves when she reaches Nova Scotia.  I will be there to get my hug.

Here is her latest message:

                                                           7 Roses, Lerwick, 27/06/00
Dear Niven,
We arrived in Shetland yesterday, just in time to see the Viking boat in the harbour and have a talk with her crews. They left Lerwick at 6 p.m. to reach the south of the island where they will wait for the easterly wind. Their route is the same as ours, apart for Greenland, where they don’t know yet if they will stop or not. Sailing in company this years could be of mutual benefit. Without a doubt their presence makes our voyage even more interesting. What are your thoughts on that?
We have been contact this morning by Mr. Malcolmson, the chairman of the Services committee and invited in the Town Hall for a friendly meeting on Thursday.
We haven’t been in touch with the Shetland contact regarding the remains of Bressay fort and we will try to locate him. If possible we will like to visit Bressay tomorrow.  Our stay in Shetland will not be very long, we are considering leaving Lerwick Thursday night or Friday morning, depending on the wind.
We enjoy very much meeting all of you in Orkney and we are really looking forward to seeing you next time, hopefully, in the new world.
Our kindest regards to Anna, Tony, Malcolm, Tim and Marilyn and a special hug to you.

Back in contact soon.