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Sinclair Dates

   [1]Sinclair Dates:  June 27.
   In 1848: Susan Evalyn Sinclair b., at Bannockburn, Lowndes (now
   Brooks) Co., Ga.
   In 1830: William IV, King of Britain.
   In 1483: Richard III Crookback,
   [2]King of England
   In 1461: Henry VI deposed,
   [3]King of England deposed..
   [4]Tomorrow:  June 28.
   In 1914: Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated, in Sarajevo, leading
   to WW I.
   In 1837: Victoria crowned,
   [5]Queen of Britain.
   In 1700: Darien desertion news, Letter from New York informs the
   Company of the desertion of the second Colony.
   In 1644: Self-Denying Ordinance, stopped aristocrats, MPs and peers
   from taking military command. The Ordinance led to the June 14, 1645
   the [6]Battle of Naseby, the debut of Cromwell's New Model Army where
   11,200 Roundheads defeated 13,800 Cavaliers. The Royalist cavalry had
   early supremacy but were distracted by the Parliamentary baggage
   train. By the time they returned the battle was lost . . . along with
   the King's infantry strength, his baggage, his private papers, his
   artillery, and ultimately the throne of England.
   In 1491: Henry VIII b., future King of England
   In 1461: Edward IV,
   [8]King of England.


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