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Re: Sarah (Johnson?) Sinclair


Thanks so much for the Reply!!   This is much clearer!!  LOL  I kinda figured 
that way.   By-the-way,  I forwarded this to a couple of people I'm working 
with on my lineage regarding the McVicar-Sinclair-Johnson.  This one guy that 
lives in Toronto, his name is Don Munroe.  He noticed that you were looking 
asking someone else for a reference copy of the "Some Sketches of the Early 
Highland Pioneers of the County of Middlesex."    Don has told me that there 
is a library near him has a copy of that book.   He said to let him know and 
he could check it out for us.   

With your permission, could we (Carrie Mixon,(cmixon@viptx.net and Don 
Munroe, dnmunroe@home.com and I) email you directly in case we need to 
correspond with you  regarding any info in Middlesex Co??  Thanks so much I 
really appreciated it.  

Sounds like we haven't heard anything from the Argyll Sinclairs yet??  Does 
it take time??  Thanks.  I will email you soon if I have anymore questions.  

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