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everyone act your age, please


I was hoping this thing would die down and I wouldn't have to say anything.
However, people keep commenting on it, so I feel compelled to interject.

>From: "general observer" <observer95@hotmail.com>
>Reply-To: sinclair@matrix.net
>To: sinclair@matrix.net
>Subject: DRMFSOB
>Date: Wed, 07 Jun 2000 21:26:22 GMT
>Just the kind of comment you would expect from Sinclair the Spammer.
>General Observer.

In every other list I've hosted, I have had one common rule:
 No ad hominem attacks.

I realize this isn't the first time people have gotten personal on this
list, and I didn't say anything last time.  I regret that now, because
this phenomenon seems to be recurring.  I tried last time to defuse the
situation with humor.  Apparently that wasn't enough.  Others have tried
that this time.  Apparently it's not enough this time, either.

Nobody on this list is a spammer, so far as I know, and I see no
purpose in anyone calling anyone such a thing without evidence.
If anyone is not familiar with what spam actually is, see

Whatever the acronym that provoked these responses means, it was
not directed at anyone in particular.  It was unfortunate that
it was posted, but escalating to direct namecalling is even more

Let's all act our ages, please.  Be civil to other people on this list.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@matrix.net>
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