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>Dear John;
>Everyday I think of you, and in a most positive way to be sure. When you
>share the important dates in history we are connected this day with all
>those days that have gone before, linking the past and present in a
>contextual way. Today I note the anniversary of Robert Bruces death, so
>intimately tied into the family heritage. I applaud you for again quietly
>and persistently keeping the shared interests moving forward in a positive

Thanks.  The dates are meant as a way of stirring up discussion by reminding
people of relevant historical events.  Many of the dates were suggested
by other people.  Privateers has been particularly active in that regard.
Suggestions from all of you are welcome.  I'll be putting up a web form
to facilitate such suggestions.  Meanwhile, sending them to
will work fine.

> Now as for the granting of the Sinclair shield and heraldic
>symbols ...anyone???

I suspect they predate any formal system of assigning such things.
Others on the list will doubtless know more about this.

>Neil Sinclair
>Toronto/PEI/Forever Argyll

John S. Quarterman <jsq@matrix.net>
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