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Re: New Scottish Section in Iain Laird's Family History Project


I very much enjoyed reading "Wha's like us?" :)  Well done!


At 12:04 AM 28/05/00, you wrote:
>I have put a new Scottish section into the site, including the Legend of 
>Gathelus, Scota and the Stone of Destiny (how the Scots got their name and 
>the Stone, and how they travelled from Greece to Egypt, Spain and Ireland 
>and finally to Scotland); the Declaration of Arbroath, 1320, (the 
>Statement of Scots Nationhood); the story of how the Thistle became the 
>emblem of Scotland and on a lighter note "Wha's like us?", a review of the 
>Scots' contributions to the world!  This latter includes a link to the 
>"Old Pulteney" distillery, whose manager is Fred Sinclair.  What more 
>encouragement do we need to make this the official Sinclair dram?
>Yours aye
>Iain Laird

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