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Re: comments on recent posts

Census wise, the current US census questionnaire lists about a dozen "races" 
asking the respondent what "race" he or she considers himself or herself to 
be a member of.  Some are obviously not races by anybody's definition.  
Ethnic origin would be more accurate, although not entirely correct either.  
Respondents are also given the option to write in a choice not listed.  And 
respondents can list more than one "race".  There is also an "Hispanic" 
question.  Surname, for census purposes, does not determine ethnic ancestry.  
Whether your surname is Smith, Nyugen, or Sinclair, if you answer the 
question that you consider yourself Hispanic, Hispanic you are for census 

Editorially, although the future may indeed prove that we are a melting pot 
physically, with racial differences slowly fading into the past, I would hope 
that ethnically  (I use this word loosely - please take no offense)  we 
strive to become a rich and savory stew, with all the flavors remaining 
distinctly identifiable but intermingling for a result that is better as a 
whole then separately.

I enjoy the diverse opinions of the list members, even when they vary from my 
own and are so obviously stupid and ill advised. :)

Constance Sinclair in Missouri, USA
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