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Re: Races: Correction

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<< So where do the Basques fit, considering that DNA studies indicate
 that they are not primarily descended from any other group in Europe,
 and may in fact be direct descendants of Cro-Magnons?
 John >> Good point 

The book that I previously referred to the list addresses that question and a 
number of others ! The question also arises as to a number of other " 
anomalies " such as the Picts , and the blue eyed Berbers of Africa , etc.


Joe Greigg

Subj:    Re: NOAH'S FLOOD
Date:   00-02-08 06:36:59 EST
From:   niven@niven.co.uk (Niven Sinclair)
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At 18:30 07/02/00 -0500, you wrote:
>I have just finished reading the non -fiction book -- NOAH'S FLOOD , by
>William Ryan & Walter Pitman .
>I would recommend this book to all of the list members .
>It contains facinating insights into the origin of the Flood Myth , evolution
>of the early languages , the lack of certain petroleum deposits in Egypt ,
>the flooding of the Mediteranean and Black Seas , human migration patterns
>and so very much more.
>While it will not put " names " into our individual family trees , it is a
>treasure trove for those early periods B.C.where we will never have more than
>a general ancestral
>history .
>If you would explain the uniqueness of the Basque language , the origin of
>the Egyptian peoples , or the" Golden Age " of the settlement of Paris , this
>provides the details .
>Joe Greigg
>I agree entirely.

Niven Sinclair
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