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RE: Races of Man

I am not necessarily refering to them by race -genetically - but the way our
lovely society categorises everyone on those wonderful equal opportunity
forms, and the way sociologists classify them. The way I have seen them
classified in the East End of London it is almost used as a sweeping term
for anyone not in Europe West of the Ural mountains (or who can trace their
ancestory from their).

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I'm quite surprised to find out that the Caucasian people of India and
Pakistan have become Black!
There are only 5 races of man.
Johann Frederich Blumenbach, a German anthropologist studied skulls and
broke all of mankind down into the five races.
Caucasian - which covers Europe, Middle East, North Africa and their
descendants elsewhere
East Asians - the largest race of man, including Native American
Mongoloids - Chinese, Japanese, Koreans - the term means "like Mongols"
Micronesians - laying between the Asiatics or Mongoloid people and
Negro - those originating from south of the Sahara
Over the centuries there has been a lot of in-breeding.  Indigenous
populations such as the Aborigines of Australia, although they are dark
skinned, are not related to the Negroids.  They are usually qualified as a
sub-race of the Caucasian family similar to the Vedda of Sri Lanka.  In
strict scientific terms "race" refers to the genetic composition of a
population.  Many individuals can be classified as belonging to more than
one race due to intermarriage.  
Racial characteristics are biological.  Ethnicity brings divergent languages
and cultures.  It is taught rather than inherited. Racial, linguistic and
cultural origins are independent of one another.  Racial concepts are often
misapplied.  There is no difference in race in inherit intelligence or
mental capacity that cannot be explained by environment.
As Ever, 
P.S. Sometimes one race will act as if it is superior to another.  Only in
the case of Scots is this true- we are clearly superior to everyone.  Those
of us Scots or of Scots descent have known this for centuries.  The rest of
the world has simply been failed to be informed of this.  While not actually
a race of man, we are a unique breed of man.  It is probably the result of
good whisky :p

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