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Dear Rory,

I learn something new every day.  I never knew there was such a thing as
the Sinclair chanter but that may not be surprising as I can't tell high doh
from low doh but I would have expected our piper-in-chief i.e. you to keep
me informed of such important matters and to blazon it across the Clan

As other Sinclairs may be equally ignorant of the Sinclair name and fame
in the world of the bagpipes, I'm copying this to the Discussion List.

Well done, Rich, for getting such a champion to welcome our chief in
California with his Sinclair chanter.

Dear Rich,
Attached you will find a copy of my business card for your records. I
will send some other material as well. I spoke with Judy and I asked
her to find out if Malcolm has any favorite tunes that he would like me
to play. In the pipe band world, people call me "Mr. Sinclair" because
of my ability to work with the Sinclair chanter, made by Alistair
Sinclair from Edinburgh. Surely, the Ferrarri of bagpipe chanters for
pipe bands. The band I play with are, by the way, the current world
champions, winning first last summer in Glasgow Scotland.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and I
look forward to seeing you next Thursday.
Kind regards,

Ian Whitelaw

....and there is another coincidence because our Chief used to work
in Government with an Ian Whitelaw who was Margaret Thatcher's
Deputy Prime Minister.

....but, surely, Ian must mean the "Rolls Royce" of bagpipe chanters.
Whoever heard of an Italian bagpiper?  But I'm sure we will..........


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