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Sinclair Women

Dear Cindy and a tip of the hat to the list members;
I like your proposed topic, of the contribution of Sinclair women, but if I may, let me respond from the perspective of my recognition that those Sinclair women whether famous or infamous or simply having lived their lives in a decent way, have all made a significant contribution to their families, to their neighbours and their world.
The arguement can be made that there is no more important task ever assumed by any human being than  the role responsible for the creation of life and nuturing the generations that follow. That said let me suggest that there is more that history may teach us.
We get confused by history and our reading of it to assume that the role of women were either intended or meant to be in a secondary role. We forget women ran the castle and the staff in fudel times, before that fought beside and with the men in clan wars, contributed to education throughout history. I am proud to say that today Sinclair women in my family have performed satalite tracking for NASA, attended the George Washington Law School and another ran the law library!
So it is the historical writing that sometimes scues understanding, and then our values that create fame with making a contribution. They are not on the same par. It is easy to give a Canadian example of Margaret Sinclair Trudeau rather famous wife of the Canadian Prime Minister in the 1970's-80's. Lots of fame, but that said, there is something to call heroic pertaining to the women who do ordinary things extraordinarily well, or undertake ordinary feats in difficult circumstances. It is this contribution, made without fame, glory, or even a written trace that has moved mankind forward.
It is easy for anyone on this list to recall great women in their own ancestry that made a heroic contribution in their own way to the human energies that followed. I can nominate my grandmother Jennie Sinclair who accompanied my grandfather to the Canadian west. They walked across the praries, - on foot. On arriving in Alberta gave birth to her first son 1700 miles from any "civilization". Now walking is not heroic, but I would defy most individuals to try this today, without prepared food, under the Saskatchewan sun in July. One ate what hopped by for dinner. Then we have another example, Mary Sinclair, carrying her children and possessions from Scotland walking across the Northumberland Ice to PEI. Now if one has the slightest idea as to what it means to be widowed, have a number of dependants, and starting life from scratch, with Mary stopping to have her family get their breath sitting on pack ice miles from land, one has some idea as to just what courage constitutes.
Cindy, heroes aboud with Sinclair women, tougher than nails, yet gentle and intelligent. Hats off to them for their examples for living a life. But for their efforts, we would not be writing here today.
Neil Sinclair
Toronto/PEI/Forever Argyll

Attention All "Sinclair" Women
And I don't mean just women who currently use the surname Sinclair. I for one, am a true Sinclair female!  Are there no others? There must be numerous stories regarding famous Sinclair women!
It would be wonderful if a few of you great historians would share your knowledge.
Not that I mind a good "mud slinging" myself, but girls lets get a REAL discussion going here! Surely our ancestors did more than bare highly intelligent children and bake great bread! (No conceit in our family - Can you tell that I am Donald H. Sinclair's daughter yet?) Hope to hear from you soon!
Cindy L. Woodson