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Re: Titled Gentlemen

>    3.    This word NASCENT, it wasn't in my 4" dictionary so I had to
>go to my daughter's 5" one.  You have to remember that some of us are
>old country boys, with a great deal more hands-on practical experience
>rather than literary experience.

I'm a farm boy myself; grew up on one; currently live in a cow pasture.
One of my direct ancestors was cleared out of his croft; so I don't forget
the Clearances.  However:

The word nascent is related to another one: renaissance.  In the
Italian Rennaisance much of the best art was produced under commission
from titled nobility.  Nowadays such titles may be somewhat archaic,
but nonetheless we see two Earls and a Lord busily promoting all things
Sinclair, including preserving several unique and irreplaceable
buildings and even helping bankroll a movie about that most
anti-nobility of all Scots poets, Robert Burns.

While I do find it constantly amusing that we are using electronic
mailing lists and web pages to discuss of some of the most antique
social systems around, namely Scottish clans and British nobility,
nonetheless those things are all part of our continuous history.
Personally, I like to think of what people do, and I have to say that
I've seen few people more active (OK, maybe Niven :-) in things related
to Sinclair history than the current Sinclair nobility.

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