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Re: Sinclair-St Louis, 1889-1890

Laurel, et al:  My knowledge of what is being termed the "California Pamplet" 
is hazy.  I did attend the first "big Games" at Woodland on the weekend of 
April 29-30, and spent most of my time in the Sinclair tent.  Gary presented 
to all his usual first class
two-tent layout, and there were a couple of new pamphlets available.  Since 
my presence was primarily a test to see how many people a)had read the 
Sinclair USA Geneology Page and were curious, or b) asked about geneology.  
There were a goodly number who signed in over the weekend, but only two 
needed my services.  The newly printed pamphlet lists clan geneology 
resources, but there is nothing new to speak of.
Between the old-time favorites such as St Clairs of the Isles, and the 
Morrison book, plus all of the writings of various family members and our own 
geneologists (Pete Commings and others).  

It's becoming more apparent that we are a very large group whose forbears are 
showing up in all corners of the earth.  Finding and developing information 
about one's own line is becoming more and more difficult.  What I am doing 
now is cleaning house and reorganizing all of my resources, including books, 
copies of books and now, pounds and pounds of copies of emails from all 
sources, which, taken together and organized will give me some better idea 
how good a resource I may have amassed.  Whether it can be useful to someone 
is a question which only time and test will answer.  I think the "small 
books" which have been prepared for handing out at Highland Games may be of 
some help to some searchers, but anyone who is looking for quick answers will 
have be be really lucky, as I was, being born to a family who had several 
members over the years who actually did research and documented it for 
posterity.  Tell me how many of these you have heard of!  Keep the lists 
going with your contributions, they represent the fuel for all of our 
research.  Keep asking questions and giving answers when you have them, in as 
much detail as you may have available.  One of these fine years we will have 
a body of evidence that will delight all those who follow.

Patience perseveres.     Ray Lower
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