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Re: Sinclairs, Long Island New York

At 21:40 06/05/00 -0400, you wrote:
Dear Kay,
               How far back do you want info.  I had a great uncle Donald
'Dan' Sinclair whose brother John Henderson Sinclair in Glasgow, Scotland was
my grandfather.  Dan lived on Long Island in the 30's.  He worked with the
Met. Life.  Let me know if you want further info'  Donald J.H. Sinclair, San
Rafael, Ca.  My e-mail is djhsmfs@aol.com.  regards.
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"Dan" Sinclair, who became a millionaire, was also my grandfather's brother.

Alas, I never met "Dan" but, wherever I went in Caithness (as a young boy with
my parents) the remark "Isn't he like his Uncle Dan" came tumbling from
everyone's lips.  Of course, he was actually my 'great' uncle Dan whose photograph
has pride of place on the side-board in the dining room of my home.

My cousin and good friend,  Donald H. Sinclair of California, should be able to
give you more information on "Dan".  He was an exceptional man in an exceptional
family because Donald's grandfather had the largest bonded warehouse in Glasgow.
Another brother, James Calder Sinclair, also became a millionaire in Canada.
My own grandfather was President of the Caithness Horsebreeders' Association.

But, apart from their ability to make money, they also contributed vastly to the
communities in which they lived.  For example, Dan founded and funded a hospital
but they all worked on the premise:  "If you do someone a good turn and someone
else finds out about it, it doesn't count".  My own father drummed this golden rule
- this Sinclair precept - into me from an early age.

I pass this ideal  on because "giving" can be the most selfish thing we do
if the "giving" is subsequently broadcast to all and sundry to inflate our own feeling
of self-importance. or, worse, in an attempt to be 'holier than thou'.

We learned about the "good" which Dan had done - after his death.
Niven Sinclair